Local cuisine

The tielle

This small round pie with fluted edges is topped with finely cut octopus mixed with a spicy tomato sauce. It was once the traditional lunch of Italian fishermen. Having become a true part of Sète's gastronomy, this pie can be eaten warm or cold and generally as a starter.

Flavours of the Mediterranean

Food and gastronomy in the Achipel de Thau area plays a tremendous part in the culture and daily life.
Because culinary specialities are also part of your holiday, take time to discover the local  cuisine. In Sète, you will find aromas of thyme, rosemary and garlic which will seduce the finest gourmets. From tapenade to mussel dishes,  "tielles" and Muscat from Frontignan. 

Tielle aux Halles

A Macaronade

This traditional speciality, is a very popular dish made with pasta and red meat or fish and tomato sauce,  garlic and Provençal herbs. There are lots of different recipes, both in the choice of meat (veal, bacon, sausages, chorizo...) and pasta (macaroni, penne or spaghetti). It's secret lies in the tomato sauce for which each family in Sète have their own version of the recipe !


a Brasucade

This festive meal, generally organised outdoors, brings guests together around the cooking area over a wood fire. A brasucade (pronounced brasoucade) remains the most popular regional dish. Large mussels are cooked on the barbecue in a marinade of olive oil and Provençal herbs.

Brasucades de moules

The Zézettes of Sète

The Zézette is an artisanal long shaped biscuit, sprinkled with crystal sugar. Created in Frontignan by the biscuit maker Gaston Bentata at the end of the seventies, the Zézette of Sète remains the favourite delicacy among the locals and tourists. The biscuit factory "La Belle Époque" also produces a whole range of sweet and savoury biscuits with many different Mediterranean flavours. All the biscuits are made on the premises.

zezette la belle epoque
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