The old salt marshes

coucher de soleil sur les étangs

Bordered to the north by the hills of the Massif de la Gardiole and to the south by the lake of Ingril connected to the Mediterranean Sea, the salt marshes of Frontignan reserve a place for walking and contemplation away from the great tourist flows. The 230 hectares of former saltworks acquired by the Conservatoire du littoral are protected natural areas and classified Natura 2000 (European network of ecological sites).

The itinerary around the lakes and salt marshes

Take the "lakes and Saltworks" trail on foot or by bike! This 15 km loop on flat ground around the Ingril pond opens onto the landscapes of the lagoon, the old saltworks and the Aresquiers woods. The wooden decking that crosses the lagoon ensures that the visitor is completely immersed in the fauna and flora of the salt marshes.

vtt entre potes dans les salins
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